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Clinical Research for Colon Hydrotherapy

Our purpose is keeping our Members abreast on the latest clinical research conducted globally for Colon Hydrotherapy advancement, as well as adjunct therapies that may be of importance to many. 

GPACT non-profit is a sister organization earning 5% of the net profits from GPACT (members' dues, book sales, conventions profits, etc) in order to fund clinical research for Colon Hydrotherapy, as well and for legislative efforts to gain licensure for  Certified Professionals.

At this moment, we have several studies awaiting approvals. As soon as we are able to go public, we will post the information here!


Colonic wall thickness measured by ultrasound
Colonic strictures represent an advanced stage of fibrosing colonopathy in patients with cystic fibrosis. AIMS: To clarify whether ultrasonography can identify patients with an early stage of fibrosing colonopathy and to determine clinical factors that influence bowel wall thickening….Read More

Antegrade colonic enema (ACE) complications
Colon Many children with chronic constipation and fecal incontinence have benefited from the antegrade colonic enema (ACE) procedure. Routine antegrade colonic lavage often allows such children to avoid daytime soiling. This report describes 2 children in whom the ACE procedure ….Read More

Malone antegrade colonic enema (MACE)
Constipation and fecal incontinence can severely affect quality of life for patients, particularly when simultaneously present. Malone antegrade colonic enema enables periodic colonic emptying, thus preventing uncontrolled passage of feces and constipation….. Read More

Malone antegrade colonic enema (MACE) study
This study was designed to evaluate patient self-reported outcome of the Malone antegrade continent enema at a single institution in patients suffering from severe defecatory disorders…. Read More

Bad news for sodium phosphate enemas
Enemas are used by individuals with constipation and are often required before certain medical diagnostic procedures and surgical interventions. However, abnormalities in serum electrolyte concentrations have been associated with enema use….Read More

Colonic irrigation for defecation disorders after dynamic graciloplasty
Colonic irrigation can be considered as an additional or salvage treatment for defecation disorders after unsuccessful or partially successful DGP. In this study, the effectiveness of colonic irrigation for the treatment of persistent fecal incontinence and constipation after DGP is investigated….Read More

Colonic irrigation with spinal cord injuries
This study aimed to evaluate the colorectal luminal transport obtained by retrograde colonic washout with a new scintigraphic technique….Read More

Colorectal Dysfunction
To evaluate results of the Enema Continence Catheter (ECC) and the Malone Antegrade Continence Enema (MACE) applied in patients with severe neurogenic colorectal dysfunction….Read More

Denmark Study
The study aims to compare a newly developed system for transanal colonic irrigation (Peristeen Anal irrigation) with a bowel management regime that does not include irrigation in a prospective, randomized trial in spinal cord lesion patients (SCL- patients) with…Read More

MACE 6-year study
The initial description of the Malone antegrade continence enema (MACE) relied on a reversed, tunneled and reimplanted appendix. In 1999 we reported our in situ technique that uses windows developed in the appendiceal mesentery for imbrication….Read More

Prospective Study CI for defaecation disorders
Retrograde colonic irrigation is a possible treatment for defaecation disorders when conservative treatment or surgery has failed. The aim of this prospective study was to investigate its effectiveness….Read More

RCI for Defaecation disturbances
Irrigation of the distal part of the large bowel is a nonsurgical alternative for patients with defaecation disturbances. In our institution, all patients with defaecation disturbances, not responding to medical treatment and biofeedback therapy, were offered retrograde colonic irrigation (RCI)…Read More

RCI for faecal incontinence
Continence disturbances, especially fecal soiling, are difficult to treat. Irrigation of the distal part of the large bowel might be considered as a nonsurgical alternative for patients with impaired continence…Read More

Danbury Hospital News-A New Choice For Colonoscopy Preparation
Danbury Hospital is the first hospital in Connecticut and around the nation to offer an alternative method to cleanse the bowel to prepare for a colonoscopy- one that is more convenient, quicker, and eliminates having to drink a gallon of liquid laxatives the night before…Read More

The Need for a National Study of Colon Cleansing Procedures
I want to challenge the members of the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (SGNA) to conduct a national research study about cleansing procedures before colonoscopy. As a researcher, I see potential research projects everywhere, and a recent experience…Read More

Effects of Colon Irrigation on Serum Electrolytes
Colon irrigation is a traditional naturopathic technique frequently used in the preparation for colorectal endoscopy, radiology and surgery, and for the treatment of constipation and various disorders associated with endotoxemia of fecal origin1. Several published reports…Read More

More support for prebiotic, probiotics for colon health
Daily intake of prebiotics and probiotics may reduce the production of potentially toxic or carcinogenic compounds by suppressing the activity of certain enzymes, says new research from Belgium...Read More

Colon-Hydrotherapy for Pre-endoscopy preparation
Colon hydrotherapy is an effective means of cleansing the large bowel in cases undergoing colonoscopy.  It is more effective than the use of either oral mannitol or magnesium sulfate as a means of cleansing the large intestines prior to colonoscopy...Read More

Two Case Histories of Arthritis and Colonics
While I walked into the hospital, as soon as my medication was taken away, I gradually reverted to an invalid state as the benefits of the drugs left my system.... Read More

Colon-Hydrotherapy: It's a good thing
Colon Hydrotherapy has long been a part of alternative healing. Many people swear by the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, in fact many celebrities regularly use this as part of their ... Read More

Colonic Irrigation Review
Colonic irrigation is an ancient method of healing and it would never have survived until the present scientific age if it were without value. It is a curious fact that...Read More

Fact, Fiction & Fraud in Modern Medicine..
I first heard the term colonics as a young doctor practicing in California. Immediately, I knew that it was a form of quackery. 1 It is self-evident that the bowel excretes the waste products of digestion regularly, naturally and automatically. There is...Read More

Death Begins in the Colon.
The subject of alimentary toxemia was discussed in London before the Royal Society of Medicine, by fifty-seven of the leading physicians of the UK . Among the speakers were eminent surgeons, physicians and specialists in the various branches...Read More

A Review of the Historical Controversy and the Potential for adverse effects.
Colonic irrigations enjoy widespread popularity in the alternative medicine community, while being viewed with considerable skepticism by the conventional medical community...Read More

The History of Colonic Hydrotherapy
It is difficult to identify the exact time in history that colon hydrotherapy emerged, but many historians trace it back to the ancient Egyptians. The historians tell us that the practice colon hydrotherapy, or in its more basic form, the enema, was passed...Read More

Value of Hydrotherapy verified by medical professionals prescribing it.
Thirty years ago, Leonard Smith, MD, of Gainsville, Florida graduated from medical school and eventually became board certified in general surgery by the American College...Read More

Colonic Irrigation Project Update
A colonic irrigation is a gentle infusion of warm, filtered water into the rectum to cleanse the large bowel and promote peristaltic action. Although the procedure has ample historical documentation and is advocated by many alternative medicine practitioners, there is little ...Read More

The American College of Gastroenterology Annual Scientific Meeting
Hydrotherapy is a method of colon cleansing using constant warm water lavage using a contained temperature and pressure controlled device administered by a trained technician...Read More