Why Choose GPACT?

Real Benefits for Real Professionals.

As a colon hydrotherapist, you need resources at the ready to move your career forward, keep up with the latest therapy practice strategies, get paid appropriately for services, keep abreast of legislation and regulations, and make a difference in the lives of your clients.

"GPACT gives you more than a certificate… Check out your key benefits"
  1. Ethics & Standards
    • GPACT membership requirements translate to professional recognition for you.
      Consumers and healthcare practitioners are requesting GPACT members because they know:
        • GPACT ensures quality training
        • GPACT members abide by a Code of Ethics (Pillars of Excellence) are our standards of practice, which mean safe, consistent norms are followed by our members.
  2. Networking and Collaboration
    • Support from fellow certified colon hydrotherapist through online services such as Facebook, Twitter, emails, and blogs therapists communicate with each other, offering technical support and general communication helping keep our members informed on the latest clinical research conducted globally for colon hydrotherapy advancement, as well as adjunct therapies that may be of importance to many.GPACT sends out a monthly newsletter that provides support in the form of:
        • research articles that update therapists from a medical input perspective.
        • educational articles that provide therapists with information to educate their clients.
        • news and benefits are articles with membership updates such as welcoming new members and announcing news that is specific to the association.
        • healthy recipe or other information that are contributions from our members
  3. Advocacy
    • Helping you stay on top of the issues important to you and your clients. Resource centers for major legislative issues like health care reform and the Medicare therapy cap allow you to stay informed, while the Legislative Action Center streamlines the process of contacting representatives on Capitol Hill so that you can advocate for your profession. Found new insurance carrier for the US. 
  4. Employment & Business Opportunities Classifieds
    • Through the Classified Ads page, you can view advertisements for employment, business opportunities, to sell equipment, etc posted by for colon hydrotherapists. 
  5. Education
    • Become a practitioner or advance your skills through our approved training locations.
      GPACT provides a list of Continuing Education or Continued Professional Development (CE/CPD) courses and seminars held internationally. 
  6. Discounts
    • For many of your business operating needs, such as credit card processing, insurance, supplies, shipping, uniforms and more to come! 
  7. Marketing
    • Ongoing marketing to help you expand your clientele. GPACT offers several marketing options for you to post your advertisements. 
  8. Clinical Studies
    • The growing field of colon hydrotherapy is at a crossroads. It is GPACT’s Mission to assist in educating the scientific community on the potential for colon hydrotherapy as a legitimate therapeutic mechanism for gastrointestinal disturbances.Critical evaluation of clinical data, objective responses to alternative views about our industry and support for carefully conducted and well-controlled research will help ensure we take the right “path”. 
  9. International Chapters
    • Truly international representation by offering country chapters of GPACT the ability to tailor its membership to suit the members they serve such as local legislation, support, education, and conventions. (all members would have the ability to attend any other countries convention!)

We are continuously offering new options and opportunities to our members. Please contact us should you have any suggestions, questions, ideas, etc!